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Rear Lamp Test Box

Customer approached MAKS to design a power supply box with switches and an Amp meter.  The switches purpose was to turn on different outputs. Based on the circuit invoked, the…

Load Box

Customer provided box specifications to MAKS.  MAKS designed and created the layout.  The purpose of the load Box is to simulate vehicle inputs to a BCM (i.e. Window up, window…

Stop Tail & Turn

This is part of a tail light assembly for a vehicle which has a stop function and turn signal built-in.

Stop Tail

This is part of a tail light assembly that involved rigid flex design with integrated aluminum heat sync, mounted on a plastic bracket with heat staking.

Side Marker

This part is a side marker, with a wire harness connecting the LED “driver board” to the “LED” board.

Proximity Lock Reader

This is part of an RF lock that was designed by MAKS engineers for a hotel chain in Las Vegas.

Portable Access Control Unit

This product was designed by MAKS for Mag-Strip cards.

Handheld Automotive Diagnostic Unit

This board was re-engineered by MAKS for cost reduction and manufacturability.


This is an entire tail light assembly mounted on a Plexiglass board.  The purpose was for bench testing the entire assembly.

Wiring Harness

This represents an array of wire harnesses of various complexity.

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