Leadership Team

Sanaa Khalil - President and Chief Executive Officer

Sanaa Khalil is a Chemical Engineer with over eight years in the Chemical engineering field and over twenty years in the electronic business. She co-started MAKS with her husband in and is currently the president and COO. In her role, Sanaa oversees the daily operation of MAKS including operations, project management, accounting and HR.

Her career started in the chemical engineering arena where she spent several years working in rust preventative research for certain applications in the automotive industry. She continued her career as a consultant and an educator until she joined MAKS in 1996 where she still holds the position of COO and later became the president of the company.

During her career, Sanaa has won several awards as the president of a woman-owned company.

Sanaa holds several certifications.

Sanaa holds a degree in Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (BCHE) from the University of Detroit.

Mohamad Khalil - Director of Engineering

Mohamad Khalil is an Electrical Engineer with over 30 years of experience in the electrical/electronic domain. He has held few positions until he started his own engineering company in 1989. Several years later he stated MAKS and introduced manufacturing as an extension to engineering. His initial focus was in the area of computerized security systems where he developed several products. However, throughout the years his portfolio has diversified and today the company is involved in several sectors such as automotive, security, hospitality, medical, home products as well as several others. Mohamad also holds few patents in the field of electronics.

He is highly regarded as a pioneer in his domain and is very involved in the day-to-day operation of the business from design to manufacturing.

During his career, Mohamad has earned several awards in the area of design.

Mohamad holds a Master degree in electrical engineering from the University of Detroit.

Nabil Sater - Director of Marketing & Sales

Nabil Sater is a Marketing and Sales executive with over 30 years of experience in his field. He has held several positions with few companies, including his own. His specialty has been in the CAD/PLM and electronic manufacturing arena.

His career started in the CAD area, then transitioned to the PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) space and then to the electronic design and manufacturing area, where he has been the Director of Marketing & Sales at MAKS since August 2013.

He has consistently been ranked as a high producer with high integrity and full commitment to the customer (always putting the customer first).

During his career, Nabil has won several awards in sales and customer satisfaction.

Nabil holds a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Oakland university.

Industry Standards and Certifications

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